From Those Who Know

Larry Allen
ONE COMPANY, ONE AIRPLANE Airplanes have helped power the arc of Larry Allen’s career from a young computer services technician to the owner and operator of a successful computer maintenance Read More
Scott Main
SAVING A PIECE OF AMERICAN—AND COMMANDER–HISTORY Pop quiz: Name the lovely shade of blue that distinguishes the Air Force’s Presidential fleet. Scott Main knows, at least as it applies to Read More
Bill Borchert
COMMANDER HELPS SATISFY 50-YEAR PASSION FOR FLYING We all know professional pilots who have grown jaded with flying. What began as a passion became, over time, nothing more than a Read More
Jeff Berg
PAIR OF TWIN COMMANDERS HELP PASSIONATE SURFER LIVE THE DREAM Any day that you can combine business with flying is a good day. And if the business you are flying Read More
Jerry Severson
AROUND THE WORLD IN A TWIN COMMANDER Jerry Severson did a lot of flying earlier this year in his Dash 10T-powered 690A Twin Commander. His logbook shows 115 flight hours Read More
Brad Goldman
FIFTEEN YEARS OF TWIN COMMANDER FLYING BREEDS RESPECT goldman Brad Goldman has been fighting fires for most of his adult life. It’s his passion, and for the past nearly 30 Read More
Maria Plunket
FIFTEEN YEARS OF TWIN COMMANDER FLYING BREEDS RESPECT Go ahead, admit it: You don’t just like your airplane, as in “I like the car I drive.” No, it goes much Read More
David Tennenbaum
By way of introduction, I have been a pilot for 28 years (multiengine ATP, Commercial privileges ASEL) and my wife Jann holds a Private Pilot certificate. I had a Cessna Read More
Jerry Severson
Many Twin Commander owners volunteer their airplane, time, and piloting skills for humanitarian purposes such as Angel Flight medical transport for deserving patients. Jerry Severson of Bozeman, Montana, has flown Read More
Hank and Yvonne Boni
Hank Boni likes having two motors on his airplane. Not just any two, however. After suffering three engine failures in piston singles and twins, his clear preference is for turboprop Read More