AC 1000 (695A/B) JetProp Commander

Specifications & Performance

The model 1000 is the most advanced version of the Twin Commander. The first version of the 1000 (695A) was certified in April, 1981 and was the same aircraft as the model 900 except that it used Honeywell TPE331-511k engines, better known as Dash 10. In February, 1984 a second version of the model 1000 was released (695B) that used Dash 10 engines, raising shaft horsepower output to 820 per engine. This gave the aircraft a maximum cruising speed of 308 knots and maximum range of 2,080 nautical miles on 482 gallons of fuel. The maximum ceiling rating increased to 35,000 feet. Weight ratings also increased slightly over the model 900. Minor structural changes were made to the 1000 to accommodate the increased weight ratings and engine power.



Wing span 52.12′ 15.89m
Length 42.98′ 13.10m
Height 14.95′ 4.56m
Tread 15.42′ 4.70m
Turning Radius 43.88ft 13.37m
Cabin Entry Door 2. 21’ x 3.92’ .67 x 1.19m
Cabin Height (Inside Interior) 4.77′ 1.45m
Cabin Length 17.25′ 5.26m
Cabin Width (Inside Interior) 4.12′ 1.25m
Cabin Volume 278 ft³ 7.87m³
Baggage compartment height 3.08′ .94m
Baggage compartment width 3.82′ 1.25m
Baggage compartment length 4.88′ 1.16m
Baggage compartment volume (unpressurized) 45.8 ft³ 1.30 m³
Baggage compartment volume (pressurized) 10 ft³ .28m³
Baggage door height 2.60′ .79m
Baggage door width 1.83′ .56m
Baggage compartment load limit (unpressurized) 600 lbs 272 kg
Baggage compartment load limit (pressurized) 100 lbs 45.36 kg


Dowty Rotol, 3 bladed, full feathering and reversible

Power Plant

Honeywell TPE-331-10-511K single-shaft turbo-prop with integral gearbox, two-stage centrifugal compressor, three-stage axial turbine and single annular combustion chamber

Weights - Aircraft

Max Ramp Weight: 11,250 lbs/5,103 kg
Max Take-off Weight: 11,200 lbs/5,080 kg
Max Landing Weight: 10,550 lbs/4,785 kg
Standard Empty Weight: 7,289 lbs/3,306 kg
Useful Load: 3,961 lbs/4,308 kg
Zero Fuel Weight: 8,800 lbs/3,991 kg
Baggage compartment load limit: 600 lbs


Operating Speed

Maximum Cruise
(22,000 ft., 6,706m, 9,700lbs average cruise weight TAS @ MCP: 354mph/308kts
Normal Cruise Speed
(18,000 ft., 5,486m 9,700lbs average cruise weight TAS @ MCP): 348mph/302kts
Twin Engine Best Rate of Climb Speed (IAS) Sea Level: 159mph/138kts
Twin Engine Best Angle of Climb Speed (IAS) Sea Level: 113mph/98kts
Single Engine Best Rate of Climb Speed (IAS) Sea Level : 138mph/120kts
Single Engine Best Angle of Climb Speed (IAS) Sea Level: 117mph/102kts
Minimum Control Speed (IAS): 93mph/81kts
Stall Speed, Clean (CAS): 91mph/79kts
Stall Speed, Gear and Flaps Down (CAS): 89mph/77kts

Cruising Ranges

Long range cruise at 295mph/256kts/474kmh (TAS) average at 35,000 ft., 10,668 meters, LRCP full fuel with 45 min. fuel reserve: 2,394 SM/ 2,080 NM, 3,855 KM

High speed cruise range at 334mph/290kts/537kmh (TAS) average at 31,000 ft., 9,449 meters, MCP full fuel with 45 min. fuel reserve: 2,098 SM/ 1,823 NM, 3,378 KM