February/March 2023

Wilson Visits Service Centers

One of the most valuable aspects of a Twin Commander Service Center is a close connection to the factory. Technicians receive factory training, use factory approved methods, and are the exclusive providers of factory parts. The people make all that possible. Last week Twin Commander chief Bob Wilson got a chance to strengthen those connections with site visits to three Twin Commander Factory Authorized Service Centers. He spent time at Winner Aviation in Youngstown, Ohio, National Flight Services in Toldeo, Ohio, and Eagle Creek Aviation near Indianapolis. “Our fleet is only as strong as the people who support and maintain it,” Wilson said. “It was my pleasure to meet so many dedicated professionals who have the passion and expertise that make our community so strong.” Wilson said he was impressed by the facilities at each location, but more than that, it was the history of supporting Twin Commanders and the incredible depth of knowledge that really astounded him. “I have complete faith in our Service Centers to do what’s best for the operator, and I am excited to do our best for them from the factory.” You can find a full list of Factory Authorized Service Centers online.

Winter Flight Levels Out Now

Flying is delicate balance of regulations, operating practices, and personal procedures. While the regulations leave no wiggle room, that’s not always true of operating practices and procedures, which are more local or airplane-specific. Then there’s avionics, which combine everything into one—sometimes very confusing—mix. In the latest issue of Flight Levels Online, out now, up your Garmin game by learning how to better program departures and arrivals, two of the more difficult functions of the box. Through a combination of in-flight experience and knowledge gained through reading and watching videos, you can become more comfortable in the buttonology, which leads to more consistent procedures, and ultimately safer operations. Read this story, and more in the latest issue.

An Airplane with a Story

You are obviously drawn to the Commander because of the performance, the range, the useful load, and the way it makes you feel when you fly it. But, we know you love the history and the lore of the airplane, too. There’s no denying that flying a descendant of one of the first certificated civilian twin engine airplanes, one that served as Air Force One, and of course, one that wowed audiences for years through the deft hands of Bob Hoover has a special place in aviation history. You can read the whole story in Dave Duntz’s fantastic book, Stars and Commanders: The Life and Vision of Ted Smith. Duntz had unrestricted access to Smith’s files, his unpublished memoir, and more. Through his research and dozens of first-hand accounts, he creates the ultimate story of the origins of the Aero Commander and its many subsequent iterations. Anyone who is a fan of the airplane will love the book, which can be purchased online.