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One of the most important of the many missions Twin Commanders perform around the world is as an air attack platform. Sometimes called the Fire Boss position, air attack serves as the airborne command and control of a fire response team, evaluating the situation on the ground and directing assets to the fire’s hot spots. Conair is one of the world’s foremost users of Commanders in the air attack role. We talk to the company’s leaders about how the mission works, how they handle maintenance and pilot training in such a busy operation, and why Commanders are so well suited to this special mission.

Also, in this issue, check out stories defining the Garmin flight leg segments, taking stock of the technician shortage, following along on a journey through Mexico, learn about fuel additives and more. You can find all these stories and more at

NTSB Recommends Twin Commander
Add Spin Instructions

The National Transportation Safety Board has issued a recommendation that Twin Commander Aircraft include language on spin recovery procedures in the pilot’s operating handbook of 690B models as the result of an investigation into a 2021 accident in which the pilot and two passengers died while in a spin. The NTSB made the point that 690C and 690D models do include a spin recovery procedure, and that it would thus be prudent to include one in the 690B POH. However, the NTSB also noted that spin recovery is not a certification requirement for twin-engine airplanes, and that Rockwell appropriately followed the regulations when certifying the aircraft. In a statement, Brian Sartain, COO of Ontic, Twin Commander’s type certificate holder, said, “Ontic values the safety and reliability of our products above all else and is aware of and participating with authorities to investigate the viability and inclusion of spin recovery techniques across all Twin Commander aircraft variants.”

Maintenance Training Schedule Released

Eagle Creek Aviation FBO, Indianapolis, Indiana

Mike Grabbe and Jet Access/Eagle Creek Aviation have scheduled three maintenance training sessions for 2024 to take place at the company’s facility in Indianapolis. They are: March 18 to 27, April 22 to May 1, and October 14 to 23. The factory approved training sessions cover everything a technician needs to know to begin working on all models of Twin Commander. It is also a popular session for refresher training for experienced Twin Commander specialists. Grabbe said the face-to-face format is especially important for newer techs, as the class moves quickly. Custom sessions are possible with a minimum of four attendees. The cost is $5,000 per person. Contact [email protected] to learn more.

Training Options

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Proponents of in-airplane training say simulators can’t replicate the intensity and realism of the genuine article, while sim backers say the box is safer and more efficient.

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