Parts Availability Looking Up

Global supply chain constraints and a transition to a new parts vendor have brought big changes and a few challenges to the team at Twin Commander Aircraft recently. But Business Unit Director Bob Wilson said the team is working hard to bring continuous improvements to the situation. “We are meeting with the vendor on a regular basis to ensure they are providing ever-better service to our customers,” he said. In addition to regular in-person meetings with the vendor to ensure better parts distribution, Wilson said the factory is also focused on reducing pricing errors. During the transition a few parts were found to have incorrect pricing, so the staff have been correcting those as they come up. “As consumers, we’re all seeing pricing pressures ease with an increasingly robust supply chain, and I’m confident Twin Commander owners will also continue to see an improvement in the availability of parts and prices, as we work hard to improve the workflow between the factory and the vendor.” Check with your preferred Twin Commander Factory Authorized Service Center for current parts availability and pricing. The full list of independently owned and operated facilities is online.

FAA Issues AD for All V-Band Clamps

Departing from its historical strategy of issuing airworthiness directives as issues appeared on specific aircraft and engine models, the FAA recently finalized a wide-ranging airworthiness directive that compels all turbocharged aircraft to undergo inspection and replacement of certain v-band clamps. At issue is spot-welded, multi-section clamps that attach the exhaust to the turbocharger housing. The agency noted many failures of the parts over the years, and previously issued ADs that impacted specific aircraft models. With this new AD every turbocharged aircraft is impacted. The AD imposes a 500-hour life limit on the part, or 50 hours if time-in-service is unknown. Anticipating parts availability challenges, the FAA is slightly extending the compliance time with inspections during the first few years after the AD becomes effective.

Check Out the Latest Flight Levels Online

Considering all of aviation’s advances over the last 50 years, one of the biggest must be the global positioning system. Not only does GPS make navigating from point A to point B easier, it is also central to having instrument approaches at small airports all over the country, it supercharges our in-flight weather capabilities, helps with precise fuel calculations, and a host of other things that we now take for granted. If you’ve ever wondered how GPS came about, or how it works, check out Dr. Keith Thomassen’s story in the latest issue of Flight Levels OnlineDr. Thomassen breaks down the history and capabilities of the system in a fascinating way. And put that GPS to use on the epic trip of your dreams with Air Journey, detailed in the latest iteration of Adventure Flying. Air Journey Founder Thierry Pouille details a trip to “the other” Caribbean, including Roatan and Jamaica. These and many more stories detailing ownership tips, maintenance strategies and avenues to upgrade are in the spring issue of Flight Levels Online. Check them out, and surf the full archives for much more today.