November 2019

Pole to Pole in a Twin Commander

Robert DeLaurentis is on a mission for peace, and his vehicle for change is a tricked-out 1983 900. Having previously flown around the world via the equatorial route, DeLaurentis will soon be leaving on a trip that will stretch his airplane to the limit. He’ll be flying from the United States through South America, over the South Pole, through Africa, Europe, and up over the North Pole before coming back home again. He calls it a mission for peace because the North and South Poles have perpetual peace, and he will be connecting the world between the two far-flung regions. Over the past two years he’s been prepping the aircraft through the help of more than 90 sponsors, and in a first he plans to cross both poles on biofuels. He’ll need all the fuel he can cram into the airplane because the leg to the South Pole and back is more than 4,000 miles, a stunning distance for a Twin Commander. You can find out more about his extensive modifications and preparations at Flying Thru Life.

Legacy Aviation Services Excels in Hydraulic Overhauls and Repairs

Have any landing gear or hydraulic component part that needs a refresh? Yukon, Oklahoma-based Legacy Aviation Services is a Twin Commander Factory Authorized Service Center with special capabilities to repair and overhaul your Twin Commander’s landing gear and hydraulic components. With the purchase of Higher Planes in 2015, Legacy Aviation gained the ability to do component repair and overhaul on-site, significantly decreasing downtime for pilots who fly in and quick turnaround for domestic and international customers. Their wide range of capabilities includes landing gear components, flap actuators, brake controllers, hydraulics accumulators and more. For more information visit Legacy Aviation.  For detailed descriptions of all the Legacy/Twin Commander component repair and overhaul capabilities, download the full brochure.

Show your Twin Commander Spirit
This Holiday Season

One of the most enjoyable things about owning and flying an airplane is showing everyone how much you love doing it. Show the world your Twin Commander love with apparel and accessories from the Twin Commander store at Lands’ End. You can choose from shirts, sweaters, jackets, drinkware, golf accessories and more by going to Commander Gear and choosing your favorite items. Lands’ End makes the process easy. Shop for your favorites as you would any online store and the company will engrave, embroider, or print the Twin Commander Aircraft name and logo on the item. Be sure to click ‘Apply Logo’ when checking out. And because it’s Lands’ End you know the quality is good and the prices are reasonable. So swag up and let the world know you’re a Twin Commander pilot or owner.