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The home page features a loop of dramatic new photos of various Twin Commander models—in flight, taxiing, and an interior.

Major sections of the website—Models, Ownership, Custom Kits & Modifications, Service Centers, and About Us—are accessed with prominent buttons at the top of the page. Towards the bottom, click on icons to find out What’s New; to access Twin Commander’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram offerings; and to sign up to receive periodic newsletters and announcements.

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Twin Commander Aircraft has released two more Custom Kits designed to prevent moisture-related corrosion beneath the dorsal fin on various model Twin Commanders.

Earlier we reported on Custom Kit (CK) 193 for Twin Commander models 690A/B, which is comprised of a weep-hole system of parts, including shims, to be installed under the existing dorsal to provide channels for moisture to drain out of the cavity. Or, better yet, opt for CK 196, which replaces the original plastic dorsal fin with one constructed from stronger, more durable composite laminate material. The new dorsal fin also incorporates channels to disperse moisture. CK 195 is the new replacement dorsal fin for Twin Commander models 500S, 681, 685 and 690.

The latest Custom Kit for the Dorsal Water Evac System is CK 198 for late-model Twin Commander Jetprops (690C/D, 695, and 695A). The kit includes shims that are placed under the existing dorsal to allow moisture underneath the dorsal to drain and evaporate. CK 200 is a complete replacement composite laminate dorsal shell for Jetprops that incorporates channels to disperse moisture underneath the dorsal.

Contact your Twin Commander-authorized Service Center for more details.


One of the important benefits of doing business with a factory-authorized Twin Commander Service Center is the corps of highly experienced technicians who will attend to your aircraft. One of the requirements for achieving and maintaining authorized service center status is that technicians who work on Twin Commanders receive initial and periodic factory training. That training, combined with the years of experience many technicians have with Twin Commanders, means you’ll get the best from the best.

Two seven-day Twin Commander Maintenance Initial training classes have been scheduled for 2016, one for May 9-17, and another September 12-20. The class takes technicians through the various systems on the aircraft, using training aids for visual and tactile reference. Participants also will have access to live aircraft for reference.

Participating technicians are issued a training binder with a printed copy of the presentation and various handouts.

The class culminates with a graded exam. Upon successful completion of the class, technicians receive an official certificate and record of the training.

The two maintenance training classes will be held at Eagle Creek Aviation Services in Indianapolis. For more information, contact Mike Grabbe at [email protected]; telephone 317-293-6935 or cell 317-752-3708.