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October 2019

Gemini Air Group Named Twin Commander Factory Authorized Service Center

Twin Commander Aircraft, an ONTIC company, is pleased to announce that Scottsdale, Arizona-based Gemini Air Group has been named a Twin Commander Factory Authorized Service Center. Gemini Air Group joins a robust network of 12 other independently owned and operated aircraft sales, maintenance, and overhaul facilities that have the experience, expertise, and capabilities to service and maintain the Twin Commander fleet of legacy aircraft.

Established in 1997 as an aircraft management company by Tim Carpay, Gemini Air Group has grown to become a successful aircraft charter, maintenance, and services operation. The company occupies a 60,000-square-foot facility at the Scottsdale Airport. Gemini Air Group’s extensive Twin Commander experience includes decades of operating Honeywell TPE331-powered aircraft. Owner Tim Carpay has owned and flown many Honeywell TPE331-equipped aircraft, and General Manager Greg Laabs, as the former turboprop lead for Duncan Aviation, has hands-on experience inspecting and maintaining the engines. For additional support the Gemini Air Group is located near Scottsdale’s TAE Aerospace, one of the largest TPE331 engine facilities in the United States. As part of the Twin Commander Factory Authorized Service Center network, Gemini maintenance technicians undergo factory authorized training and the company stocks genuine Twin Commander parts.

“I am excited for the opportunity to serve the wonderful community of Twin Commander owners and pilots,” said Carpay. “As fellow aircraft owners, operators, and pilots, we have unique capabilities to help keep your aircraft safe and modern, and to make your ownership experience the best it can be. I believe that if we focus on the details of safety and service, everything else will fall into place.”

Twin Commander Aircraft Business Unit Director Brian Harbaugh said, “We are thrilled to welcome Gemini Air Group into the Twin Commander Factory Authorized Service Center Network. We are committed to bringing value to our owners, and I know Gemini feels the same about its customers.”

Gear Warning Horn and Fuel Filler Now Available

Components for the gear-down warning horn in Custom Kit (CK) 204 and replacement parts for the fuel filler nozzle are now in stock. CK 204 provides a gear-down warning horn for models 685, 690, 690A, and Shrikes. The previous horn was no longer manufactured, so Twin Commander Aircraft created a mounting bracket and hardware for a new replacement horn. Installation is estimated to be two hours. Call your favorite Twin Commander Factory Authorized Service Center and ask for CK 204.

Is your fuel filler nozzle bent, corroded, or missing the fuel siphon protection? If so, the entire fuel filler nozzle housing (part number 630216-503), is now in stock. Applicable to all models, the single part will be a quick installation at any Twin Commander Factory Authorized Service Center.  Owners of early models that didn’t come with the anti-siphon flap can increase safety and add it as part of Custom Kit 87A.

Take a Journey with the Fall Issue of Flight Levels Online

In the latest issue of Flight Levels Online we take you across the Americas for a look into Legacy Aviation and its founder RJ Gomez, to Byerly Aviation’s resurrection from Central America of a 900 to Peru and the air force’s outstanding 690B. Continue the trip around the world in Adventure Travel, or stay close to home and get some business done by the end of the year with Business Flying and Taxes. For pilots, read about sequencing your Garmin after a missed approach, the benefits of a Convective Outlook, and how to avoid bog down.

You can find this and much more in the fall issue of Flight Levels Online 

New Pressurization Hoses Soon Available

Twin Commander models with the older-style pressurization system with fiberglass hoses will soon be able to get relief from older and inconvenient exhaust ducts. Twin Commander Aircraft is working on Custom Kit 173, which will replace the fiberglass exhaust duct hose with a more modern rubber accordion-style hose. The kit makes for easier aircraft serviceability by making it more convenient to access inside the tail section. It will also make the pressurization system more reliable and safer. Check for updates around the end of the year.