John S. Swift

You don’t have to know John S. Swift very long before you come to the conclusion that the name fits the man. John Swift is a savvy businessman that’s always two steps ahead. It’s the way he likes to fly, too.

Swift owns and operates John S. Swift Co., Inc., a very successful binding and offset printing company founded in 1912 by his grandfather. The company offers a comprehensive array of printing services at four plants in four states. And Swift is expanding. The means for pursuing his empire-building goal is a 695B Commander 1000.

Swift has owned and operated a multitude of different aircraft and without a doubt, the 1000 is his favorite by far. He had been operating King Airs, then began to take an interest in Twin Commanders. He was intrigued by the performance numbers he was reading about, and decided to visit Eagle Creek Aviation Services in Indianapolis for a demo. It didn’t take long — “I saw 305 knots” — for him to become a convert, even in favor over the light jet market.

“You kind of get bitten by the Commander bug, and then it won’t let you go,” he says. “I love the way it looks, the low profile, and the way it flies. It’s a pilot’s airplane. Totally unique. When those engines start to sing, hold on because there is nothing else like it.”